ACT ONE, Scene One — Murder

Invited for dinner to a rather mysterious medieval mansion, in an obscure English village, are a group of actors, preparing to open in a new play in London.  The boisterous and belligerent playwright Cleland Simeon owns the mansion.  As the curtain rises, on this odd collection of performers, rather than partaking of a sumptuous dinner, a murder takes place in front of their terrified eyes.  The leading man dies… but by whose devilish hand?  More drama and theatrics evolve, as it appears that the killer has not yet finished his … or her work. Trapped in this castle, the actors can only wait it out …wait for another strike …and when it comes, the formidable team of sleuths, Hazlitt and Brandon, are faced with terror, mystery and some confusion.  Can this fearless couple solve the problem?  This mystery, written by A.H. Richardson, A Hazlitt/Brandon Murder Mystery, is available on  Click here to purchase the book on