Jorie and The Magic Stones

Come… and dive with us into the inky depths of the waters of the Tarn, to an enchanted land awash with dragons, a great Wizard, a poisonous butterfly, Beowings, Arbotiqgs and Trovods — some good; some not so good; and one that is downright wicked!

Journey with Jorie and Rufus, as they try to retrieve the Magic Stones (Ruhndas) from the Izzara Mountains so they can return them to their rightful home. Hot on their heels are a number of villains out to thwart the children’s plans and steal the Stones for themselves. And they will stop at nothing. Even with the help of a wise and wonderful wizard, the children’s mission is neither safe nor easy, as they tumble into a number of adventures riddled with danger and enchantment. Can Jorie save the day all alone when calamity strikes and Jorie must depend on her own courage? Will she be strong enough to save Rufus and herself from the deadly clutches of the evil Fodomalk? Add to this mix an adorable baby dragon who steals the children’s hearts.

Witness how Jorie and Rufus learn about courage, loyalty, friendship, and the things that are truly important, thus forging their friendship in steel forever. Go along with them. Fly on the back of the Great Groot. Travel to the land of the Doonians. Climb the waterfalls on the Panaia River. Brave the Cave of Fire, and many other exciting adventures that lie in wait for them, as they search for the Magic Stones.

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