Character Sketches


MARJORIE BEATRICE WEAVER (JORIE) is an orphaned spunky little nine-year-old, complete with green eyes, freckles, and a cascade of long red hair. She is kind, brave, fearless, and surprisingly clever for such a little girl. She learns about loyalty, friendship, and what it takes to bring down evil to its knees. Jorie is an Atir or Chosen One; only she can successfully reunite the Magic Stones and return them to their rightful place.


RUFUS P. WHIPPINGTON is a rather chubby little boy, also an orphan, with dark curly hair and deep blue eyes. A little reluctantly at first, for he lacks confidence, Rufus soon becomes Jorie’s right-hand man in her quest to find the Stones. This humorous, good-natured boy is soon swept up into a life of adventure he never dreamed could exist — befriending a baby dragon, climbing waterfalls, and defying the not-so-good guys bent on thwarting all their plans. He and Jorie forge a strong friendship as they are buffeted, pushed, and pulled through a dearth of very hairy experiences!


LORD FODOMALK OF SHYLOXIA, the evil ruler of the Dark Lands, will stop at nothing to acquire the Magic Stones in order to regain his lost power. He is a dranik (form changer); as such, very dangerous. Clever, cunning, devious, and manipulative, this formidable character, who is half-man and half-dragon, sets out to destroy Jorie and sabotage her mission to regain the Stones.


GROOTMONYA (THE GREAT WIZARD) is a wise, sage, and kindly wizard who rules the sunlit land of Cabrynthius and is greatly loved by its citizens. He does his best to save the children when peril strikes on all sides, but even he has his limitations. He is also a dranik, and can morph into a magnificent green and gold dragon who often takes to the skies as the Lord of all he surveys.


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