One thought on “Jorie and the Magic Stones- Review

  1. Angela,

    Wow! Another great review. You’re on your way!

    Meanwhile, out west in the frigid zone of the northwest, skies remain delightfully clear and sunny while we creatures on the ground shiver and quake amid the ice puddles and cold air.

    Spent a fun couple of hours at the neurologist yesterday getting poked with electric shocks to discover at end of visit that I “probably” have a carpal tunnel problem in my left hand/arm. The surprises just keep washing in! So I’m getting back to my yoga. I don’t remember these “problems” when I was actively doing it.

    Other than that – it’s work-shiver-work-shiver-eat-shiver-work-shiver-sleep-shiver… and then… repeat!

    Hope you’re warm and that trees haven’t fallen on you yet. Mine are just sending down branches, one or two at a time.


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